Why Avoiding Contact May Be Your Relationship’s Best Bet

If you’ve done any research online, you’ll find that staying out of touch after a breakup is highly recommended. In actuality, ceasing communication with your ex-boyfriend can be a terrific strategy to save your relationship from greater disarray and, if you so desire, get him back.

Going NC, or making no contact, typically comes in a few different forms.

1. You simply avoid talking to or responding to your ex on the phone and via email when it comes to them.

2. You don’t discuss your relationship with them at all; instead, you only say “hello” and “how are you,” and that’s about it.

The ideal option is usually option 2, as it gives room for potential future communication with your ex. If you don’t avoid talking about the split with him, it might become a problem.

No contact, however, might also be quite advantageous for both you AND your ex. He won’t be driven away by it. If there is actually hope for your relationship, on the other hand, he will reconsider his choice.

Avoid worrying over whether or not your ex will forget you since he won’t. In fact, you must STRONGLY REFRAIN from thinking in that way. Actually, if your ex cared about you, he won’t ever forget you. You should continue your search even if he doesn’t.

No contact really enables you to heal and move on, and if you’re trying to win your ex back at all, you need to be doing just that.

You have the opportunity to heal your emotional wounds when you go through this time without speaking to your ex. You’re stuck thinking about your ex for a while after a split, which is the cause of despair; just force yourself not to.

However, forcing oneself to stop thinking about something is more difficult than finding ways to divert your attention, so during the first few weeks, try to find those ways. Try your favourite pastimes and activities to see what you enjoy the most. You should start seeking more involved hobbies over the following few weeks, ones that will really make you focus.

You get the opportunity to complete the project you have been putting off at work. It’s a chance for you to finish up any reading or studying you put off but really need to do right away.

You can regain control of your life by cutting off communication for a spell, typically for approximately 30 days. When that happens, you can assess your situation and decide if you still want him to come home.

If you follow this advice, you’ll feel a lot better because you’ll be thinking logically rather than emotionally. You’ll be able to see things in a new light rather than being obscured by confusion and desperation due to the split.

Making the decisions you need to make regarding whether you actually want him back and how you’re going to go about getting him back when you’re ready will be a lot simpler.

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