Taking Advantage of Momentum’s Endless Energy

In fact, the energy of success is so great that you might feel the momentum for a long time just by being in the company of those who have attained high levels of it. like a bunny that gives you energy!

Feeding off of others is, regrettably, only a band-aid.

Take note of the few features and practices that highly successful friends, business partners, and associates in your circle all have in common.

Since these high achievers are not slothful, their high level of energy is the first thing you’ll notice about them.

They have far too much to achieve to be sitting about with this much energy. They hustle, move, and shake the world around them whether they are establishing new goals, thinking back on a project they are working on, or actively setting up.

Success, then, is an intense energy that requires attention. But the benefits are unparalleled.

These top performers have access to a hidden resource that both propels and sustains their achievement. In fact, they appear to be able to access a level of energy that, for the most part, the majority of us only experience when we perform at our best.

The distinction between mediocrity and great achievement is between occasionally experiencing high levels of energy and constantly experiencing them. It is what sets “men from boys” apart.

What is this hidden resource that these determined people for success have found and keep using?

Momentum. Momentum is always what propels success.

When we think about the domino effect, which is what momentum is, it is simple to define. When you put this enormous energy to work for you, success will follow success just as one domino tapped will use its own momentum to tap all the others in succession!

Success depends on momentum, which exceptional achievers recognize, harness, and use to their advantage.

In terms of science, momentum can be defined as the property that things “tend to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force,” according to Isaac Newton’s first law of motion.

Use this law in your daily life. 

Building and maintaining momentum is the crucial factor that not only gets you there, but keeps you there, whether you’re wanting to change your company or personal/relationships, enhance your mental attitude toward self-love, create and enjoy a healthier diet, or shape the physique of your dreams.

That brings up the following provision of the law.

“Unless acted upon by an external force, objects at rest remain at rest.”

A force, momentum, requires energy to maintain motion or it will burn out. The moment the engine is put out, all the power gained is lost. The motor must be restarted in order to continue moving ahead in the same direction, and starting an engine is always more difficult than simply keeping it running.

Do it now!

From a more pragmatic standpoint, momentum is “a force gained through motion or by a succession of acts,” so momentum is what drives action and activity is what drives momentum.

How frequently has a coach or mentor advised you to “just do it”? Where there is motion, there is momentum, thus they are aware of the importance of momentum.

The way forward

Despite how strong momentum is, there are instances when even the smallest obstructions can prevent it from moving forward and obstruct its flow, similar to how tiny rocks in its path can shatter a rolling snowball.

If we wish to benefit from and maintain the strength of momentum, we must give it the nutrients it needs to flourish, and we must remove impediments from its path.

It would be beneficial for us to begin generating this kind of enduring energy, and considering our routines and actions each day is a wonderful place to start.

It would be beneficial for us to begin generating this kind of enduring energy, and considering our routines and actions each day is a wonderful place to start.

  • Every habit and behaviour needs to be in sync with what we want to accomplish in life (our goals in life). Momentum won’t exist if our habits prevent us from achieving our objectives.

An important factor in creating and maintaining momentum is discipline. Our deepest goals are supported once we have the right habits in place, and they are fed by disciplined repetition (constant movement). It’s time to exercise your willpower and “show up” for yourself. Or simply “do it.”

Every work becomes simpler as you complete more of it because you develop a flow and rhythm that make all future tasks simpler to complete. Soon, the mysterious power of momentum takes control and keeps you moving in the direction of your objectives.

With each milestone you reach along the way, momentum as a force receives a wonderful energy boost. When you consistently achieve your goals, your energy, motivation, and momentum will all surge.

“Success and action seem to go hand in hand. Successful people never stand still. They make errors, but they keep going.” – Hilton, Conrad

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