Is It Time For Humanity To Acknowledge That They Possess an Unconscious Mind?

The typical person could respond, “Being human means having a physical body and an unconscious mind,” or anything to that effect if asked to define what it means to be human. As a result, who they are will be a combination of both what keeps this aspect of them in place and what is happening in their heads.

By acting in this manner, individuals are likely to believe that they are only spectators to what is happening all around them. While what is happening “out there” will almost surely be perceived as having an impact on them, what is happening “within” of them won’t have any impact on what is happening outside of them.

A Minor Impact

This can be perceived as something that is solely the outcome of how they act and what they say, however it does not imply that they would believe they have no influence on the world. They can even think that while they have no control over what happens to them, they do have power over how they react.

If so, this will be even more way for them to influence their lives. In light of this, they won’t have as much control over their lives as individuals who are wealthy or famous, for example.

A Logic-Based Conclusion

They might consider themselves to be “fortunate” if, for the most part, their life goes the way they want it to. However, they could claim that they are “unlucky” if something awful happens or things don’t go as planned.

Or they can claim that “bad karma” has come back to bite them. Fortunately, this won’t be what they are used to, and it won’t be long before their life returns to normal.

The Opposite

However, if their life doesn’t generally turn out the way they want it to, they can think they’re “unlucky” or having “poor karma.” They are prone to be astonished when something positive occurs and may question how long it will endure.

They might not be able to enjoy what is happening because they are so shocked and even afraid that it won’t last. Unfortunately, they will be accustomed to suffering and adversity, so experiencing the contrary will be unusual.

Numerous Company

They will probably discover that there are many individuals in the same situation, regardless of whether they can relate to the former or the latter. Because of this, they were able to think that most people had similar life experiences.

If they are often “fortunate,” it could seem as if someone or something “out there” approves of them; conversely, if they are generally “unlucky,” it might seem as if someone or something “out there” is punishing them. However, what if there is more to them than people realize and their level of luck or misfortune is determined by the circumstances surrounding them?

Two Sections

This would imply that they are more than just an observer of reality and have a personality separate from what is happening in their thoughts. This basically means that they have an unconscious mind in addition to their conscious consciousness.

They may have heard about this at least once in their lives, but it is obvious that hearing about something is one thing, and fully grasping its ramifications is quite another. It’s the distinction between conceptual comprehension and first-hand experience.

Small Amount

This is only a little portion of who they are or their own consciousness when it comes to their conscious mind. The majority of who they are is concealed, thus this aspect of them is merely the tip of the iceberg.

However, it’s possible to argue that their body serves as their unconscious mind, meaning that only the contents of this portion of them are genuinely hidden. This aspect of them, however, may still be mostly out of their reach if their point of awareness is primarily in their head and they don’t have a strong connection with their body.

A Pool of Knowledge

This part of them will be composed of the emotions and ideas that their conscious mind has suppressed, among other things. Although their minds will have forgotten about these components, their bodies will still be fully aware of them.

However, despite the fact that their mind has forgotten about them, what is kept at a level below their consciousness will affect their physical, mental, and emotional health as well as what they experience and don’t experience. In other words, what is happening at this level will have a significant impact on what is resonating.

The Mirage

There will be energy pulsing at a particular frequency beneath their physical selves and their reality. Because of this, it will appear as though what is happening internally and externally are separate. As a result, what is happening inside them won’t seem to have an impact on what is happening “out there,” and they will appear to be observing reality, but this is only a delusion.

Since they are not genuinely independent from anyone or anything, what is happening inside of them will have an impact on what is happening outside of them. What they are resonating and, consequently, what they can and cannot experience, will mostly depend on the sensations that they are aware of as well as the feelings that they are not aware of.

Final Reflections

This demonstrates their strength and the strength of their fellow humans. However, what was just said may appear absurd to someone who has been severely “dumbed down” and just views themselves as an observer of their world and life as something that occurs to them.

Someone in this situation would likely eventually realise how powerful they are if they were to be receptive to their thoughts, begin to purge the rubbish from their unconscious mind and body, start using their thoughts and imagination to experience “good” experiences, and take inspired action. Their attachment to a materialistic conception of reality is likewise likely to erode.

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