A KGSP Perfect Statement of Purpose

In the previous post we discussed on how to write a perfect personal statement for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) and so I guess we all did an excellent job with that section. Now let’s move on to the statement of purpose. Like every scholarship application, the statement of purpose is an integral part of the scholarship application process. Why is it so important?

The statement of purpose tests the student’s ability to see him or herself in the future. Scholarship selection committees prefer applicants who can demonstrate their creativity and have vision for their life. This part separates the prepared minds from clueless applicants who just want to submit applications and I will advise that applicants take this section very serious.

The statement of purpose for KGSP is required for applicants in the Master’s or Doctoral program. It must be single spaced with no more than two pages with the font Times New Roman size 10. On the selection assessment scale, it is marked out of 10 points.  

The statement purpose is divided into two parts. The first must answer questions on the goal of study, title or subject of research and detailed study plan. The second part is about future plan after study.  In the next post we will consider what each part requires.

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