KGSP during Covid-19

On Thursday (January 30), the World Health Organization declared Corona virus as international public health emergency and this has had several implications on all sectors of life including tourist travel, education, socialization and economy. While Wungan, the city of Corona Virus origin is under strict lockdown and other countries are restricting flights to and from China, one group of people who face a dire situation is international students.

UNESCO reports show that there were over 5.3 million international students in the year 2017 and this number has definitely increased over the year. In cases of emergency in the host countries, international students are among the most vulnerable group of people. This is because they have little or no connection in their communities to provide them with assistance. The case is even worse when international students understand no or little of the host country’s language. Whether in Asia, Europe or Americas, there is this kind of vulnerable students. For this reason, it is not surprising that developed countries like US and Germany are doing well to evacuate their citizens ( including international students ) from areas of high risk of infection (Wuhan, China)

How will this affect scholarship applications for 2020? In Financial investment, the 18th century banker Baron Rothschild made this famous quote:

The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

Likewise in investment, there can be said to be the best time to apply for scholarship abroad. At this moment applicants are worried to apply and so the probability of lesser applicants will be high. The lesser the number of applicants, the greater the chance of average applicants to be selected for scholarships.

It is likely that some countries might postpone their scholarship selection timeline depending on what happens in the days ahead. For instance, even though the Korean government scholarship program opens next week, there is a chance that the selection timeline might change and restrictions could be placed on students from some countries while giving the opportunity to countries with less risk.

All the same, the Corona Virus outbreak will definitely affect scholarship applications this year and so instead of refraining from scholarship application, there is the best to give it a  try and hope for the best. All the best and stay safe.