How to write a study goals for KGSP : Part two

In the second paragraph of the statement of purpose study goals for KGSP, applicants should research information about their chosen program from the department website of their university.

This information should include the courses under the program and the relevance of those courses in helping the student achieve his or her study goals for study goals.

An example is as shown below.

“The healthcare industry still remains the fastest growing markets and a key strategic industry that leads global economy.

For the above goals, I wish to pursue ******** and its related courses like Advanced Healthcare Device Design, Healthcare Embedded systems and Advanced Biomaterials at*********.

This will equip me with the practical skills needed to develop and manage medical devices.”

Also, the third paragraph is also quite interesting. Applicants can discuss what they will like to do during the course of study aside their chosen program.

The extra activity should be related to their chosen program and it should help them achieve their study goal.  In this case too, applicants should think about of activities they like.

It is good to be specific about those activities. It could be a joining a club or an association or even visiting facilities. Students can go ahead and talk about their vacation plans too.

Include something interesting and related to your studies. Present yourself as a very serious student who is dedicated to studies and determined in to achieve his or her study goals for KGSP.

Remember no one knows you and so sell yourself well. 

An example is as shown below.

“During my degree program, I intend to explore the medical industry in Korea by visiting medical device companies and research centers.

This is to forge a long-lasting relationship with these companies in Korea for industrial exposure and future networking.

For instance, the Medical Device Clinical Trial Center, the Asia-Pacific hub for global medical device clinical trials, in the ********Hospital is a perfect place for me not only to learn about how clinical trials of devices are performed but also get involved into healthcare research and design projects.”

“My PhD research will dwell on research and design of implantable medical devices. I look forward to a fulfilling career path in industry and culminate in academia”

The last part of the study goal is to provide a summary of your study goals for KGSP.

That is best way to leave a good impression on the memory of the reviewers. One way to do so is by using summary table as shown below.

Academic year Goal Targeted Score
2020-2021 Study Korean TOPIK Level 5 or 6
2021-2022 Master’s program begins  
2022-2023 Research and Design Projects with thesis  
A summary of academic plans for korea

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