How to write detailed study plan for KGSP: Part one

There is no one way to write the study plan for KGSP part of the purpose statement. Applicants can choose their own style but make sure it answers the main questions as shown below

“Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan”

In the first paragraph, applicants should think about a specific problem they will like to solve in their area of study. This is where creativity plays a big role.

I hear some applicants say, “I don’t think I can do this project, it is too big” and so they end writing a mediocre purpose statement out of fear of not being able to achieve the results.

This is the truth. No one really cares whether you can achieve the goal of study plan for KGSP or not but instead they want to know how creative you are with finding problems and suggesting solutions in your field of study.

The statement purpose is just for the sake of winning the scholarship opportunity. You can later change your research topic when you start studying (that’s your own decision).

For science and engineering, department and labs already have research topics prepared and so students in that lab just do something within the lab project.

That is to say, the project you write on your scholarship application form is mostly different from what you end up doing so just think big and write creatively.

Some departments (arts and business) do not even require research from students.

A typical example of the first paragraph can look like this.

“With the growing of aging society, technological advancements and growing public interest in the quality of life, there is the need to research and design high quality but cheap medical devices that meets the needs of our present society.

My interest lies in development of locally tailored medical devices and management of an efficient healthcare delivery system to promote health and improve long-term care.

I also want to research into the development of smart biomaterials for various clinical applications especially in the design of implants.”

Let’s consider the next paragraph in the next post

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