KGSP University Track Applicants

“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared”

One of the most important to decisions to make during the KGSP application process is to select one university for the university track applicants. This decision can sometimes be difficult considering the fact that it can make or unmake your application.

However, I have simplified the university selection process based on several factors worth noting.

It is reassuring that for university track, your grade point does not play a significant role in the selection process if you play your cards very well. In order words you cut your coat according to your size.

The first point to note is that university track applicants are competing with students all over the world for the slots allocated to both their countries and the universities. For example, X university may have 10 slots allocated for KGSP students and so the university must try to get a heterogeneous set of students from different continents. No university will select only Europeans or Africans for all the slots but instead, it’s a mix of students from different countries.

Another point is that the scholarship application essays are actually marked according a point system. So, your grades get your application to the selection board but your performance in the essays will determine your application score. For example, if a student with a minimum required grade performs better in the application essays, he or she has a higher chance of being selected than a high academic grade student with bad application essay scores.

Also, top universities in Korea have very high application rates from all over the world. Most applicants target the top universities and so academic grade point is used to first slash the numbers before the essays are marked and used to make the final selection. This is to say that students should advise themselves accordingly. Students with very high academic grades have no problems applying for such universities but students with the slight above the minimum required grade should think carefully applying for such universities (check top 5 Korean universities)

The location of university determines how many applicants would consider choosing those universities. Schools in the capital city Seoul and major cities like Busan have high application rates while those in small cities have low application rates so a higher selection chance for students with minimum required grade.

Finally, Regional universities have extra slots and they take up unoccupied slots by other universities. Check the scholarship guide for the list of regional universities. It is advised to select the university based on its specialty since that will help you write a good essay.

In the next post, I will discuss what is required in all the essay topics with short examples.

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