A perfect KGSP Personal Statement (Part 3)

Almost done!! At this point in your personal statement writing, I am sure you are now very confident and proud of yourself for the workdone so far. We are almost done with the whole essay. Lets move on with why korea aspect of the essat. This third part of the essay covers the subject below.

“reason for studying in Korea”

There are reason for an individual to decide to choose one country over one another. It common practice to people to just search online with keywords like ‘why study in Korea’ to get answers to this part of the essay. Though this is not bad in entirety, it results in generalization of the points and nothing unique about the country. I am about to reveal one of the secrets used by reviewers to select candidates for the scholarship. The reviewers want to select candidates who have genuine interest in the Korea. So generalization wont do the candidate any good.

For example, instead of just writing Korean has nice culture or advanced technology, why not go into details and tailor the specific technology or culture to your preferred major. All developed countries have good culture and technology advancement but the difference is in the details. If you mention companies like Samsung and LG in your essay, how excited the reviewers will be to know that you have adequate knowledge of the country.

In summary, search for a particular technological advance in your field which is unique to only korea and elaborate on how excited you are about it. The same applies for other business or art courses. If you chose korean language as your major, you can talk about how the Korean language is the most unique and scientific language in the world.

Below is a sample of part 3.

“I am deeply motivated by the prospects of learning the Korean rich culture. The KGSP gives me that opportunity to have a lifelong experience with the friendly Korean people. My country*****share some history in economic growth with Korea. But presently, Korea has leaped in bounds of accelerated economic development and that it is an inspiration for my country. This is the chance for me to understand and live the Korean culture of globalism and future development.

I chose Korea because it is the destination for innovation, technology and tourism. The Korean government has clear focus for its medical industry to facilitate the testing of new domestic devices, promote human resources development and expand to overseas markets. It is not surprising that renowned companies like Varian Medical Systems and GE Healthcare are moving into Korea to have a share of its vast medical device industry. Korea embraces the concept of open innovation which promotes innovation by sharing resources, ideas or experiences with external companies. The presence of Korea Health Industry Development has made access to high quality care at low cost possible. Specifically, Korea has built high-tech medical complexes in Daegu and Osong to help make it a bio-industry hub. This truly reflects the vision of Korea to be the world leader in healthcare technology and assures me of quality education as well as industrial exposure”