A perfect KGSP Personal Statement (Part 2)

Easy right? I hope you did well in the first component of the personal statement essay. Now that the first hurdle has been crossed, the rest of the essay will naturally fall in its right place to create that needed logical flow. In this section we discuss the content below

“Your education and work experience in relation to GKS”

This is the easiest part of the essay since all applicants have that information at hand. This information includes, the name of your University, the relevant courses you read and what you are currently doing. It is a plus for students who have had travel experience to any other country especially Korea to describe their experiences in relation to how they view Korea and Korean culture. Nevertheless those without travel experience can focus extensively on their academic experiences like internships and class project and how discuss what they learnt from those experiences. Its even better when the experiences are related to your choice of program and show some level of diversity. Feel free to write good things about yourself and elaborate on your acquired knowledge and skills. Since there is a lot to write in this section, it is advisable to break it into two or three paragraphs. Below is just a sample.

“I completed my ******* studies at the ******* obtaining ******degree in ********. Currently I am******. During my studies, courses like *******stirred up my interest in the field of ******The desire for industrial exposure and deeper knowledge in the field is my drive to apply for a ******program at ********University.

In my ****year, I applied to be part of the ******and was privileged to be selected along with students from ******. The **** team worked together at the *******, to identify pressing challenges encountered at ********. This required that we observe on intently as doctors and nurses carried out their daily routines. We asked both health professionals and patients pertinent questions about their convenience and reliability on the available technologies. The entire experience exposed me to the many gaps in the healthcare delivery system and eventually culminated in the successful *********as my senior year project. This project has been recently selected to compete in the*******, at ****University, USA.

It excites me to engage in activities that challenge my problem-solving ability. I participated in the******. I designed an ********protect patients from harsh conditions such as weather and insect attack. My work was ranked first runner up in the competition. This project became necessary as a result of alarming deaths recorded during the********. Ever since the challenge, I have stuck with the ******* as a mentor to new participants. I give technical training to participants and organize workshops relevant to their design projects.”

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