A perfect KGSP Personal Statement (Part 1)

In this section, I will cover the first component of the KGSP personal statement. Like any other essay, it is an introduction to the main content of your personal essay thus it must be written in such a way that it keeps the attention of the reader. Remember that schools receive many applications and so a very dull introduction will put the reader off and he or she will move on to read the next applicant’s essay. The introduction paragraph should be without petty grammatical errors but instead it should be simple, straight to the point and ultimately give a good first impression. Let’s now examine the content of the first component of the essay

“Motivations with which you apply for this program”

It is very common for applicants to misunderstand the meaning of the motivation paragraph. This paragraph can start by describing your family in one simple sentence and moving further to describe your current financial or economic situation. Additionally, applicants can discuss their favorite subjects back from High school to Undergraduate studies. It is advisable that applicants find the link from their past to the present situation and use that link to write an impressive story in the beginning paragraph. When examiners understand your past, they are moved to understand your choice of program for Masters or PhD. When there is no link between what you did in the past and the course you would like to read, it will be hard to prove your motivation for the program. In summary,  motivation can be in the form of a life changing event (death of a loved, disease), previous experience (similar course) or good future prospects. An example is as shown below.

I belong to a ******family, with *****siblings of whom I am the ******. We are ****** and our ***** is my greatest motivation because ****has always been supportive and encouraged me when I faced hurdles. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today” said by Franklin Roosevelt inspires my thinking and decisions in life. I strongly believe that keeping a positive mental attitude and passion towards any goal, opens up many possibilities. My insatiable thirst for knowledge about nature inspired me to study ******* at High School. ****** and *******and ******** were my favorite subjects. After high school, I became more interested in improving ********using modern technology and so I chose to study ********. It is my hope to be involved in the recent revolution of the ******* industry that seeks to provide *********especially to those in rural settings.

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