A Perfect Statement of Purpose for KGSP (Part 3)

The second part of the purpose statement discusses the point below.

Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea”

In this section, applicants can be as brief and straight to the point as much as possible. You can talk about your plans after school and make sure it’s related to your chosen field. Imagine saying something different from your chosen program, the scholarship committee will see no reason in invest lots of money in giving you that education. Whether you decide to stay in Korea or not, it’s not really a problem. But you have to show the desire of not staying for a period of time. At least let them see that you want to serve the country for some time before leaving to another country. A five to 10 year plan after school is the best.

Remember no one will check whether you followed the future plan or not. The mind can always change and so this plan is just to present yourself as a student with dreams. You can write the future plan as shown below.

“For the next five after my studies, I look forward to working in the medical device industry in Korea to design locally tailored solutions that will increase global access to best patient care. After that I may want to consider furthering my education to PhD in Korea before returning to***** to put my industrial exposure to bear. It is my hope to get into business partnership with medical device companies in Korea to help fill the gaps in healthcare delivery system of *******and ****** at large.

I will want to later join the academia as a lecturer at the Department of *********, **********, to teach and pass my experiences to the next generation of future engineers.”

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  1. If am opportune, to in the peoples’ Republic of Korea, I will be very glad because, I has been my drama and challenge to study in such a great country that will give me the honor to explore my educational argument and intelligentsia…

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